Walking Alone-3

This the 3rd in the “Walking Alone” series—but I guess you discerned that as soon as you read the title.

I probably should have run it as 2 because in most ways it’s the complimentary opposite for number one. Also shot on the Downtown Mall, the season is winter and subject is wearing a heavy coat as opposed to summer and shorts and sandals. The subject is relatively young, a female, she’s walking from right to left and she has an assertive spring in her step unlike the elderly gentleman in number one. In fact the original name for this image was “Steppin’ Out.”

My intrepid editor (and chiropractor) and I discussed the premise behind the first 2 “Walking Alone” posts this morning in the course of my adjustment—this whole fascinating business of UFOs, Alien Abductions, the supposed massive governmental cover-up etc.

I don’t know if we’re being visited by beings from other star systems. I’ve never seen anything like a UFO, I have no memory of being abducted and I’ve never knowingly participated in anything like a cover-up. But there is one thing I am very clear about in this whole business.

I want it to be true—all of it.  Well–most of it.

Just like I’d love it if they finally found a Big-Foot that had been hit by a car (not that I’m in favor of that happening to one of these beings—if in fact they are out there somewhere.)

The super hi-tech space craft, the strange little beings with big eyes and only three long fingers, the space craft and alien bodies hidden away in some vast underground military-industrial complex where the reverse engineering is going on—yeah—bring it on!

On the other hand—I certainly don’t like the idea of innocent people being terrified out of their wits and psychologically damaged for the rest of their lives, kidnapped, cut open, impregnated against their will, implanted with tracking devices, punctured with long needles or damaged by radiation.

But if all that terrible stuff isn’t supposedly happening, it becomes a bit less clear what they’re doing here.

I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I’ve read a lot of stuff that suggests—as a species—we are genetically predisposed to look for “…things that go bump in the night…”

A favorite archetypal theme is that of a hero, champion or savior who transcends the everyday world and goes forth to do battle with the forces of darkness and chaos to save us—or at least brings us some sort of boon that will enable us to save ourselves.

It’s my belief there are no longer any saber-toothed tigers out there lurking in the darkness just beyond the firelight so really, the darkness and chaos is us—the dark and self-destructive side of our own character. “We have met the enemy and he is us” as cartoon character Pogo once said.

What we tend—again as a species—to hope for is a bail-out. At some convoluted level we want to be saved from ourselves. If it isn’t a religious figure it can be a super-hero like Superman, an adventurer like Indiana Jones, a bright and shining new politician…

…or it could be ET—a race of benevolent or at least knowledgeable beings who offer the potential of transcendence through advanced technology and science. This also taps into another archetypal theme—that of secret, powerful knowledge—wisdom that is known only to a privileged few.

They (the aliens) figured out how to keep from destroying themselves and they have the means by which we can escape the limitations of this suffocating and very quickly deteriorating world. With practical space travel we could go forth and exploit, pollute and use up other, virgin worlds, just ripe for the despoiling. I mean isn’t that what they (the other worlds) and us (the despoilers) are here for?

It doesn’t get any more human—or stupid—than that.

So yeah—my chiropractor editor and I are fascinated by the possibilities. Having said what I have on where this widespread phenomenon (that never quite gets fully proven) may come from—who’s to say it isn’t all true?

Maybe the X Files are right—maybe the truth IS out there somewhere—lurking just beyond the firelight?

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