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I love the University of Virginia Campus in nearby Charlottesville–it literally dates back to the time of Thomas Jefferson who designed the original campus–which he called an “Academical Village.” It’s the area that today comprises the iconic Rotunda, “Lawn” and adjacent grounds. When I visit the campus looking for images that’s the area I prowl around in.

I’ve gone “photo-wandering” there several times in recent years–the last time–a few weeks ago–I had a great encounter with a wonderful guy–Chris Morris–an alumnus and expert on Jefferson and his slave-mistress Sally Heming. Talking with him I gained fresh appreciation for Jefferson and his extraordinary life and accomplishments (thanks Chris!).

A few days ago I spent a few moments with a neighbor–Laurie–whose daughter–Annie–will be attending UVa in the fall.  I mentioned I’d been thinking of putting up a new gallery of UVa campus images. Laurie urged me to go ahead with it inasmuch as Annie would enjoy it. I also wanted to post a picture of Chris and his magnificent art exhibit on Tom & Sally.

So–Annie, Laurie and Chris–and any other fans of UVa (or just beautiful college campuses)—here it is–enjoy! If you want to stop the slideshow and look longer at an image just click on that image and it will freeze. When you’re done looking click again and the slideshow will resume. If you want to look at an image full-size look under “Galleries” on the right side of this screen and click on “University of Virginia Campus.”  Then click on “PicLens.”

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