“Time of the Season”

This is Jessica—better known to some of you as “The Hula-Hoop Girl,”–and she’s made up to look like a Zombie. The beatific expression caught here–which suggests transporting passion–is not indicative of her actual emotional circumstances. What’s really happening  is she’s twirling a hula-hoop as part of a crew of volunteers in support of runners on a 5k this morning in Charlotesville. While firing in machine-gun mode with a digital SLR this fleeting, if beautiful, expression–was captured. Jessica and a few other “hoopers” were performing for the runners who were passing nearby. They were stationed where they were to keep the runners on course—it took a turn at that point.

You old-timers will probably pick up on the musical allusion in the title–and deduce the reason I chose it. “Time of the Season” is the name of a 1968 hit by an English group called “The Zombies” and the run this morning–called the “Zombie 5K”—was held to promote  a movie Jessica acted in called “Danger, Zombies, Run.” The film, which will be released next month, was directed by Brian Wimer and has been generating lots of excitement locally.

Below is a Facebook link to the film and below that a video depicting an example of the professional dedication that went into the making of this epic journey into the darker realms of the human condition.

And below that—is a video of the Zombie’s big hit—from the 1968 album “Odessey and Oracle,” which was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in England.  Enjoy.


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