Thrift store window-Main St., Richfield Springs, NY

This is the front window looking out on the main street of Richfield Springs, NY. Those of you who come to this site regularly know my wife and I were in Upstate New York visiting family over Thanksgiving.

Richfield Springs is in the heart of Vickerman Hill–a wonderfully desolate part of a depressed and melancholy part of a largely depressed and melancholy  state.  New York City and the surrounding counties are a world apart from Upstate–they’re like two different planets.

I stopped in at this delightfully dusty and cluttered shop to get directions to a beautiful Russian Orthodox Church Monastery that’s nearby and to look at stuff from the last 70 or 80 years.  As you can see it was snowing pretty good outside–that area is about a thousand feet above sea level as well as being at a very northerly latitude so snow at Thanksgiving is pretty routine.

The ladies in the shop were chatting about friends and family but were more than happy to stop and give me directions to the monastery which was about 15 minutes away. The monastery was beautiful–it had the usual magnificent Byzantine gold Onion dome architecture but was just so beautiful, neat, clean, polished and perfect it really wasn’t much fun to photograph. There’s far too much neat, clean and perfect around–seems like it’s everywhere you look. I think that’s what’s wrong with the world today. Pictures like this one featured today hopefully offer a bit of an antidote to that perverted and appalling state of affairs places like the monastery sadly seem to typify.

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