The Gallery

Those of you who are regulars at this site know I usually go to the Downtown Mall to do my street shooting on Fridays and today was no exception.

What was an exception this day was, instead of wandering up and down the pedestrian mall I spent 90 percent of my afternoon in one place—The Chroma Art Gallery. Actually the proper name of this tasteful establishment is Chroma Projects Art Laboratory.

Here’s the link if you want to take a closer look:

I’ve poked my head into this gallery on several occasions over the last 4 or 5 months and always liked what I saw on display but never actually went in and looked around until today. I mentioned this to the Curator, Debra—she asked why not. I seem to remember Mark Twain once saying “When all else fails tell the truth.”

“Uh—well,” I stammered, “…because I don’t have any money…”

“That’s no reason not to come in,” she smiled, (she has a beautiful smile). “Sure it’s nice to be able to buy art but we want people to come in and enjoy it even if they can’t afford any.” She paused a bit. “But you know we have some art that really isn’t that expensive.” And she gestured toward one of the galleries in the rear.

The thing that actually got me to come in was, as I walked past I noticed a pretty young woman on a very tall step ladder adjusting the track lighting for the exhibit Debra was mounting. This is the sort of thing that makes for interesting images—it’s much like the series of 3 posts I did a few weeks ago on “Beth & Courtney.

The young lady’s name was/is LeyLay (pronounced “Lee-Lee,” ) and she’s a student at UVa. Laylay is a volunteer at the gallery and helps out with things like hanging paintings and putting together receptions such as the one scheduled for this evening.

Called “First Fridays” all the galleries on the mall change their exhibits the first Friday of each month and on those occasions when I’ve made the rounds of the 10 or 12 galleries on and around the mall I had a most enjoyable time.

I got a number of great shots in the Chroma gallery earlier this afternoon but it has been a very long day for this retired old shutterbug so I’m going to make this a quick post, put up one of the images I think is pretty good (called simply, “The Gallery) and I’ll do more tomorrow.

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