The Boogey-Man (El hombre del saco)

When I was a small boy my grandmother would threaten me with, “The Boogey Man,” if I misbehaved. If I remember right, the Boogey Man was a hideously ugly old man with rotten teeth and evil, piercing eyes that glowed yellow in the dark. In the terrifying dark of night he crawled out from under the bed or came in through a window with his horrible sack. In his sack he stuffed disobedient or misbehaving children and carried them off to unspeakable, ghastly torments somewhere in the eternal darkness that lies beyond the end of the earth—beyond all hope of light, goodness, comfort or rescue.

I did a little research and found out this heartless attempt at behavior modification of children is common in most cultures. Here’s an excerpt from a Wikipedia article. If you want to read the whole article this is the link:

“In Spain, el hombre del saco is usually depicted as a mean and impossibly ugly and skinny old man who eats the misbehaving children he collects. In Brazil o homem do saco is portrayed as an adult male, usually in the form of a vagrant, who carries a sack on his back (much like Santa Claus would), and collects mean disobedient children to sell.

In Chile, and particularly in the Southern and Austral Zones, he is mostly known as “El Viejo del Saco” (“The old man with the bag”) who walks around the neighborhood every day around supper time. This character is not considered or perceived as a mythical or fantastic creature by children, instead he is recognized as an insane psychotic murderer that somehow has been accepted by society which allows him to take a child that has been given to him willingly by disappointed parents or any child that is not home by sundown or supper time. In Honduras, misbehaving children fear “El Roba Chicos”, or child-snatcher, which is very similar to “Hombre del Saco”.” (End excerpt)

The featured image is of a friend who was just clowning around as I was shooting. I decided to edit it a bit and make up my own Boogey Man or Hombre del Saco. This monstrous specter is the photographer’s Boogey-man and carries off photographers who steal ideas and images from other photographers and present them as their own or who charge ridiculous prices at Art Shows.

You guys better behave yourselves. If you step out of line “The Sack Man” is hiding under your bed—just waiting to pounce and carry you off to the place where there is no light and as we all know—no light—no photography.

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