See way down at the bottom of this post–the comments from other photographers on yesterday’s image–”Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

This image above–today’s image–is another from the “Jessica and the Zombie 5K” series which we are knee-deep in now. That’s Jessica twirling a hoop as the sun rises over 6th Street in Charlottesville while we wait for the first runners to pass this check point. I’m curious as to how people will respond to this image–it’s not the sort of thing I usually do–but thought I’d post it to get reactions and see if it would be “featured” as a lot of featured images seem to employ this sort of abstracty, over-the-top post processing.

Sunbursts have always sort of intrigued me. You see them as a decorative motif in architecture, window design and on furniture. There’s part of a sunburst (could also be seen as a sunrise or sunset) on the back of the chair Benjamin Franklin sat in as he presided over the Continental Congress and signed the Declaration of Independence. The upper stories of the Chrysler Building in New York City are decorated with art-deco-looking triangles that are intended to symbolize the sun’s rays and by implication—are part of a sunburst.

Here’s some information on the sunburst from a Wikipedia article:

A Sunburst is a design or figure commonly used in architectural ornaments and design patterns. It consists of rays or “beams” radiating out from a central disk in the manner of sunbeams. Sometimes part of a sunburst, a semicircular or semi-elliptical shape, is used. Traditional sunburst motifs usually show the rays narrowing as they get further from the centre; from the later 19th century they often get wider, as in the Japanese Rising Sun Flag, which is more appropriate in optical terms.

In architecture, the sunburst it is often used in window designs, including fanlights and rose windows, as well as in decorative motifs. The sunburst motif is characteristic of Baroque church metalwork, especially monstrances and votive crowns, and Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles as well as church architecture. A sunburst is frequently used in emblems and military decorations.

Sunburst is also the name of two DC Comics Japanese superheroes that appeared in the 1980s and a line of Gibson guitars.

And lastly but not leastly–here’s the appropriate music to accompany a sunburst image:

Comments on yesterday’s image:

Jorge Maia
Great! The Hula-Hoop Zombie Girl! Love the sense of movement and the strong colors!Ashlee Bliss Koester
nice!Manuel Fernández
Very beautiful moment Orion!Shannon Bruns
Excellent.Gabriel Laurentiu
Very very nice!!!!+Tiia Vissak
great colors, pose, light & white backgroundGrazia Pezzini
Nice pose!

Anuchit Sundarakiti
Great captured and cool !!! +++

Marco Cerofolini
delicious, clothing, position and performance +++

Gustavo Garza
Very Very nice… lots and lots of fun…she looks quite undisturbed by any opinion about the outfit…… thats what fun should be about… excellent concept Orion and we will be expecting the winner on monday…. saludos my friend…

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