Spring Walk

I’m sitting hunched over and intent on the little world I share with my computer. Beyond the monitor screen a window looks out into Spring sunshine and trees bursting with new green life after the long, cold snowy winter we have just come through.

My wife—my best friend—walks up behind me and says, “Let’s go for a walk in the woods.”

My first inclination is to say, “Maybe tomorrow—I’m working on something but the truth is I’m always working on something.

I get up, put on my walking shoes and holding hands we walk deep into the beautiful forest. It is a beautiful Spring day in the rolling hills of central Virginia—Redbud, Dogwood, Cherry and Bradford Pear trees are awash and flowing with thousands of blossoms. I find myself thinking of Basho visiting Minakuchi for spring cherry-blossom viewing where he met an old friend and wrote:

two lives
between them have lived
cherry blossoms

And I remember another time almost 4 decades ago when I was at university in Colorado a good friend came to me and suggested we go climbing in the Rocky Mountains. I said, “No—I’ve got to study for a mid-term test.”

But I changed my mind and went mountain climbing with my friend.

All these years later I still remember the fragrance of the ancient pines in the warm sun as we began the climb, the deep blue sky soaring above the towering mountains and the wind-driven stinging snow as we neared the summit. And the view—all the world of forest and mountains and lakes and trees far below us. I treasure that memory today—all these years later.

And I haven’t the slightest memory of the class I was studying for.

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2 Responses to “Spring Walk”

  1. Larry Blackwood Says:

    Love the photo, love the story. And your weather sounds much better than ours (been snowing here all day; the few spring wildflowers we saw a week or so ago seem like a memory from some other year).

  2. orion Says:

    Thanks Larry–and thanks for going to the site. I’ve been amazed how much people seem to like this image. It was a grab and to me it was just competent. But I’ve gotten very flattering comments from others, like yourself, who I know are fine photographers. Go figure:)

    Yes–the weather here is ideal. Feel free to come out and soak up spring in central Virginia. We could go see George again, go to the mountains, I have an sculptor acquaintance who owns a foundry in an ancient building and he says we can shoot there…

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