Shadow Basket

This structure and its shadow is part of a concept art construction that is underway in the basement of the McGuffey Center for the Arts here in Charlottesville.

I didn’t have a very good afternoon shooting on the downtown mall and was dragging myself back to my truck (which I always park next to the McGuffey) when I ran into a very nice person and a fine abstract painter—Jean Sampson—who I’ve talked to a number of times back when I was hanging out at the McGuffey routinely. I guess it’s been seven or eight months since I went into the Arts Center. She was leaving the building as I was approaching it. We recognized each other and chatted for a few minutes then she invited me to check out her new show in the main Gallery. I did and if you’re in the C-ville area it’s definitely worth your time—Jean’s work is very mature and evocative.

After spending a very enjoyable 20 min. or so looking at Jean’s beautiful work I wandered down to the basement and found this image. I spoke with a glass-blower in a nearby shop but he didn’t know the name of the artist or the piece.

So, having no name for it—“Shadow Basket” just popped into my head as I was editing the photo. It brings to mind a shop my mom used to go to when I was very small. I can’t remember what kind of business it was—just that it had a back room with a lot of strange objects and spooky shadows. To this day I can’t identify any of the stuff stored back there.

That memory from way back then still intrigues me. I love the sense of mystery and “otherness”—meaning the experience of something that has no counterpart, no opposite, nothing comparable and so is outside our ken—our capacity to understand and/or perceive meaningfully.

This structure is similarly a mystery and I’ve decided this is the container for all those shadows and unperceivable objects and experiences still rattling around in my semi-conscious. This is my “Shadow Basket.”

Here are the comments from international photographers on yesterday’s image:  ”Alright Mr. Holen–I’m ready for my close-up.”

Fedia Trifonov

Very well done and cool concept Orion!

Grazia Pezzini

WONDERFUL!!! Cool!! I like expression and tones!

bruno lombard

Great image !! I feel like Arya…

Arya Gupta

Your images are full of stories which I feel like sitting back and enjoying! Well done, dear Orion.

Tiia Vissak

cool goggles & tones!+

Gustavo Garza

Excellent CU my friend… full of joy…. I like it very much Orion+++ and well… not in my mind the famous line…. saludos…

Ausadavut Sarum


Shannon Bruns

Very nice.

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2 Responses to “Shadow Basket”

  1. Larry Blackwood Says:

    Nice composition on this one, although I think it might be even better without the blur/soft-focus effect. Either way, it’s quite a shift from the zombie series which I found oddly disturbing (or maybe that’s how zombies are suppose to make you feel).

  2. orion Says:

    I’ll email you.

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