Saunder’s Pond trail

This is another image from our walk yesterday. The trailhead is just 4 or 5 min. walk from where this was taken. That’s Joanie providing the necessary human figure to add scale, mood definition and human presence. ¬†Those of you who are interested in American History might be interested to know Thomas Jefferson once owned this land though I don’t believe the pond was not there then. The pond is man-made–if you look carefully you can see the line of the earthen dam at the right edge partially concealed by the bushes. ¬†Jefferson’s home–Monticello is just a few minutes away and James Monroe’s home–Ashlawn–is just a few minutes beyond Jefferson’s. About an hour and a half from this area is James Madison’s home, Montpilier. All three men were good friends and visited at each other’s homes frequently.

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