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This the 3rd installment of a three part story series. If you are new to this site it might be best for you to read posts 1 and 2 of this series (previous posts) before reading this installment.

At the time of the interview Hamlisch thought he was dying and didn’t want to take the secret with him. In fact he lived another 4 years, dying in 2003. In addition to the interview transcript the file contained other highly pertinent information from compatible, if not quite as reliable, sources

 In 1943 Hamlisch was in the Merchant Marines serving aboard the Andrew Furuseth. Hamlisch stated he and at least a dozen other men—U.S. Navy Sailors and Merchant Marines—witnessed, from the deck of the Furuseth—the disappearance of the Eldridge.  In the course of the interview Hamlisch mentioned the names Kilgore and Tesla several times. Tesla died—seven months before the actual experiment—but had made enormous contributions to the project as had Kilgore who Hamlisch said he remembered well.

Tesla’s death was ruled a suicide but very few believe that to be the case. There continues to be a widespread belief among students of the Philadelphia Experiment, that he was murdered—the reasons he was eliminated are legion.

Hamlisch described Kilgore as dirty, wearing ill-fitting clothes, always nervous, never making eye-contact. There was running joke among the Furuseth crew about staying upwind from Kilgore—he was called “Stinkmore,” behind his back.

The reason the experiment was not repeated, Hamilsch believed, was because Tesla was

no longer available to make the necessary changes or adjustments—recalibrations—as some sources report—and Kilgore was considered unreliable. Hamlisch remembers Kilgore giving several men on the Furuseth copies of his book and telling everyone who would listen, the Navy’s problems could be solved with the ideas and theories in his book.

Other, less reliable sources suggest when the experiment was reported to the appropriate congressional oversight committees, key members of Congress were so sickened and

horrified they refused to renew funding. There is also speculation the experiment was continued (with elaborate security and secret funding) by the National Security Agency and/or the CIA under names such as the Phoenix Project and the Montauk Project.

Some of the Navy’s scientists did read the book, Hamlisch said, but concluded his ideas

about gravity and electromagnetism derived from a new paradigm which contradicted some of Einstein’s work and was inconceivable in the context of 1940s physics.

Hamlisch himself by the way was considered a reliable witness and commentator inasmuch he had had some college level physics and read extensively on the subject. After he left the Merchant Marines, he returned to college, completed his degree and taught high school physics for the rest of his working life.

Hamlisch mentioned in passing he heard Kilgore committed suicide later that same year. As with Tesla it was rumored he was really murdered.

Marvin and Ben Stone met a second time to indulge their passion for French pastry and for further discussion. Meeting at a time of  day the restaurant business was slow and taking a table at the back, Marvin shared his findings with Stone.

“Why now?” Marvin asked, “The Philadelphia Experiment was in 1943, the book had been floating around since 1927.  Why now suddenly the interest by the CIA the NSA or whoever.”

“Two words,” Stone responded sipping his coffee, “Steven Hawking—with considerable assistance from Roger Penrose and some ghostly figures most likely from the UK.”

“I shouldn’t say how I know,” Stone continued, “but I have it on good authority Hawking and others have been working for some years on a highly classified Anglo-American  

task force and just within the last year some breakthroughs were made in critical aspects of cosmology and quantum gravity—areas of expertise for Hawking.”

“I suspect it has to do with containment and molecular realignment of the black hole radiation that Hawking discovered and which is named for him. I think what happened was Hawking read the book—was probably the first guy since Tesla who understood it—

and some things fell together. I’m talking about things that will change everything—and I do mean everything. I believe the changes are already underway. And certain people with a lot of power don’t want to take the chance things might also fall into place for the wrong people.”

“Have you ever heard of the Phoenix or Montauk Projects?” Marvin replied.

Stone didn’t respond to the Phoenix—Montauk question but smiled saying, “Let’s put it this way—Captain Kirk would be very impressed.”

“Warp drive—interdimensional travel,” Marvin almost knocked over his coffee. “This is blowing me away. Do aliens or alien technology come into the picture?”

“Warp drive?—it’s far more complicated and sophisticated than that. Aliens—I honestly don’t know.”

Having finished their desserts, the two men sat for several long minutes quietly sipping coffee, relaxing into the afternoon quietude. Both were thinking about the changes to come and about people who had the power to order “suicides.”

Marvin finally broke the silence. “What now?—knowing what we do—what should we do?”

Stone waved at the waitress to come to the table then looked directly at his friend with an expression of resigned melancholy,”  I don’t know about you Marvin, but I’m having another dessert.”

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