Parking Space

In 1938 this building was an Italian Restaurant and is still today remembered for an unhappy event that took place that year. Early in that year a young and promising Chicago thug who needed sheltering from Cook County authorities was taken in by the local Rockwell crime family. In addition to being wanted by the Chicago authorities he had also run afoul of his employers–the Barista family who had sworn to permanently discharge him from his responsibilities. His name was Anthony Bologna–more commonly known as “Tony Baloney.”

Tony was given a chance to prove himself. He and a couple of cousins were accepted on a probationary status and put in charge of the local numbers racket but it didn’t work out very well. A few months after starting work for the Sculizis he was caught skimming off the top. When it came to the attention of Don Rockwell he made a discrete phone call to an old friend in Chicago and on the evening of August 23rd, 1938 the parking lot you see here was the site of the infamous “Baloney massacre.”

In this unfortunate event Tony and his two cousins Alphonse and Guido along with a local sheet metal mechanic named Ricky who was unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, were gunned down by four machine-gun wielding Barista family soldiers.

The posted image is very high contrast so you can’t see–but if you were in the actual parking lot you can easily still see today where over 200 bullet-holes in the stucco masonry were poorly patched.

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