Out of Town

Hello everyone–my wife Joanie & I are on a road trip to visit members of her family in Pennsylvania and on Cape Cod. While I’m away from my own computer (I don’t own a laptop) I’ll be unable to edit pictures so won’t have any stuff to post.  I’ll post a few comments in this space each day if possible (I’m using a borrowed computer)–I don’t want folks to get out of the habit of checking the site:)

We’ll be back home next Monday, the 27th and I anticipate several series of images to come out of these areas we’re visiting–I’ve already shot several hundred frames. 

We spent 15 hours on the road yesterday–got in here at Joanie’s son’s (Marc) home last night about 12:20.We spent this morning looking at lighthouses and fishing piers and got some images I think many of you will enjoy. The new images and stories/commentaries should begin the day we return or the day after.

Thanks for coming–check tomorrow for an update.   Orion

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2 Responses to “Out of Town”

  1. Larry Blackwood Says:

    Try channeling Aaron Siskind while you are Cape Cod. He did some interesting work there.

  2. orion Says:

    Thaks Larry–I’d forgotten that. I see what I can find.

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