Out of Town-day 5

Hi everyone:

For those of you who have been expecting an update at the same time every day (for me that would be about 7 to 8 A.M.) my apologies.  Joanie & I are now in Wind Gap, Penn. visiting Joanie’s daughter and grandchildren. Joanie’s daughter doesn’t have a computer and we have been staying at a motel that (likewise) doesn’thave a computer so I’m typing this update on a computer provided as a free service to the public by a K-Mart store in Wind Gap.

The amount of time I have to update is limited so I can’t go into any real discussion about events. Basically what happened yesterday was we drove for a solid 8 hours from Yarmouth, Mass to Wind Gap, Penn. There were no huge problems–just the usual missed exit (from I-84 to I-87) and a couple of back-ups due to construction and traffic being narrowed to one lane resulting in the proverbial 10 mile long parking lot.

This morning was delightful–we had a few hours to kill early on so we drove into Easton, Penn. (about 20 min. from Wind Gap)  to a used book store and coffee house I love called, “The Quadrant.”  If any of you are ever in this area I HIGHLY reccomend this palce–it has more character, texture and charm than any food or book establishment I’ve ever encountered.  It’s a great place for photography–inside and outside in the immediate neighborhood. Needless to say there will be a great photo-essay and commentary to come out of that once we get back home and I have a chance to start working with what will probably be around 2000 images.

In the  late morning and early P.M. we visited Joanie’s daughter and grand children at her daughter’s new apartment–and another photo essay will be forth-coming from that–interesting apartment and neighborhood–lot of great images.

See you tomorrow. We’ll be leaving here early and heading home–another 8 hour drive. I’ll be updating late tomorrow as I have today.

Once again–thank you for coming.   Orion.

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