Out of Town-day 2

Hi  all:

Got up this morning at 5 AM to catch the morning light on Sandwich Town Harbor–a so-called “working marina” meaning commercial fisherman with shrimp and lobster trawlers work out of that harbor.

Boats 70 to 80 feet long with names like “Chelsea Girl,” “American Beauty,” and “Annie-Lynn” sat quietly at the docks as the  early rays of light warmed the rigging and the sun’s golden disk shone in the pilot house windows. In the westerly distance on the Cape Cod Canal the beautiful arched span of the Sagamore Bridge caught the rising light while Cormorants sat patiently on the high-mast lighting over the parking  lot.

I found myself getting a lot of studies of the heavy ropes–called “hawsers”–that tie up the ships.  Reflections of piers and ladders wavering in the harbor water also caught my attention. Most of all it was quiet–the kind of quiet that only happens at dawn–when the world pauses between inhale and exhale and there is a stillness of presence that is difficult to describe. I was alone in the entire harbor as I wandered the docks.

When I edit and post the images next week I really hope the tranquility and peace come through.

Thanks again for coming.   Orion

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