Odyssey’s End

Well–we’re back home–a few days earlier than I thought would be the case. I love traveling and photographing new country but it’s always such a joy to get back home to your own bed, appliances and COMPUTER!

We left The Lake Oneida area this morning and drove the first 4 or 5 hours through rain that varied from moderate to almost blinding. By the time we got to southern Pennsylvania the weather had lightened up and made driving much pleasanter. As we got close to home the skies cleared and the last few hours we were driving over clear, dry roads under beautiful starry skies. We made the 600 mile trip in a little over 10 hours.

Here’s an image I’d set aside for day 6 but wasn’t able to post because getting to a computer just wasn’t quite feasible. It’s my favorite model again–Jessica. I love the touching expression of sadness and yearning that is implied.

I’ll be back in the harness tomorrow writing something of substance (if brief) about the trip up north. My apologies to you regulars who came to the site so many times of late only to find nothing new posted or some frustrated blather about all the problems encountered up north regarding posting.  I’m going to be getting a lap top for Christmas so this sort of thing (not being able to post while on the road) shouldn’t happen again–or at least I won’t be able to use that excuse any more.

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