“Night Gallery”

Here’s where my title comes from–and here’s the web site link if you want to know more:


For those old enough to remember, Night Gallery was creator-host Rod Serling’s follow-up to The Twilight Zone. Set in a shadowy museum of the outré, Serling unveiled a dark and disturbing collection of canvases as preface to a highly diverse anthology of tales in the fantasy, horror, and science fiction vein.

Rod Serling’s Night Gallery (the series’ full title) was broadcast on NBC-TV on Wednesday evenings at 10:00 p.m. Gallery had only six hour-long episodes in its first season (1970–71), rotating with three other series (The Psychiatrist, McCloud, and San Francisco International Airport) as part of Four in One, NBC’s experimental programming wheel. In its second year (1971–72), Gallery was promoted to a full-season offering with 22 hour-long episodes, which included many of its best and most memorable stories.

Sadly, the show seems to have been cursed: For the third season (1972–73), short-sighted executives at the network cut Gallery’s third-season time slot to a half-hour and moved the show to Sunday evenings—despite good ratings and a growing cult following on college campuses. It lasted only 15 episodes before it was canceled. In an ironic twist, Night Gallery won the best ratings of its broadcast run as its final season played out, regularly beating its competition.

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