As I do almost every Friday afternoon for the last several months I wandered the Charlottesville Downtown Pedestrian Mall looking for images. Visited with Ike of Ike’s Underground–he still doesn’t have a vintage beret in stock. I asked how he liked the post I did on him, his shop and the Roller-Derby girls who were there last time.

“Oh–yeah–oh gosh–well–ah–yeah–well–I haven’t had time–guess I forgot…” he sputtered even though I emailed him the website address after speaking to him on the phone the evening I posted “Ike’s Underground.”

I talked him through going to the site. He loved the pictures of the girls–he bookmarked the page so he could show them the next time they came in. And he tells me about a very interesting project he’s involved in–a Grade “D” horror movie by some 3rd rate amateurs that he has a role in–something about tracking down Zombies before they do Zombie stuff. He says it’ll be on You-Tube–and that’s all it’ll be on. It’s a fun thing–he likes to act. And he wants to make the world a little safer from Zombies–so who am I to editorialize?

Ran into a kid I know from a photography course I took at a local community college last winter–really cool young man–Alec.  if I remember right–some of the stuff he was bringing in to class shows he has considerable potential as a photographer.  He’s sitting on the pavement in front of a store playing harmonica and there’s another guy on guitar. And there are a couple of  mega-cuties–Hayden and Katie there also. The girls and Alec were generous enough to let me photograph them.  They probably just felt sorry for a harmless old guy with a camera who has nothing better to do on a beautiful Friday afternoon than wander around making a pest of himself.

The image for today’s post is–I think–quite interesting.  It has an ambiguous quality that invites speculation and projection on the part of the viewer. Study it for a moment and see what sort of thoughts or story occur to you.

Comments and feed-back are always welcome so long as they include phrases like “genius,” “astonishing,” “breath-taking,” and, my personal favorite, “God-like.”

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2 Responses to “Necklace”

  1. Larry Blackwood Says:

    This image is one of my personal favorites. Its breath-taking beauty exudes a god-like sensuality and is another perfect example of your astonishing genius.

  2. orion Says:

    Who do I make the check out to?

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