Morgan Moran-Girl drummer for the Cannibals.

This is Morgan Moran–drummer for the Charlottesville band, “The Rock & Roll Cannibals.” She also belongs to another band–I’ll probably do a post on that toward the beginning of November.

A couple of things are–I think–worth pointing out. I spoke briefly with Morgan before the Cannibals went on and despite the stage persona you see here, she’s a perfectly normal, very pleasant young woman. I learned she’s not just talented—she’s multi-talented. Lead guitarist Tristan told me Morgan’s not just an outstanding drummer–she plays bass and has other musical skills (sorry Morgan—it was difficult to hear Tristan—I’m not sure what else he said.) I said something to Tristan like, “Wow—with all that talent I guess she’s your “Go-to gal.” He briskly corrected me, “She’s your “Go-to GIRL—for MUSICAL abilities,” he stressed very soberly. It seemed to me he had great respect for Morgan’s talents as a professional musician.

Not sure what the difference between “girl” and “gal” is but I think the implications of the second clarification are pretty apparent.

When I was a kid (to me these days that’s anyone under 30 :) ) I enjoyed The Carpenter’s music—and I always liked that Karen Carpenter was a drummer. For that reason I guess, I’ve always liked girl drummers and because The Carpenters were so successful—so long ago—I assumed being a female drummer was no big deal these days. I mean—didn’t Karen break through that gender barrier?


I did a little research on female drummers for this post and found out, to my surprise, there’s still a lot of bias in the music industry against women playing drums. Here’s an article if you want to read more on the subject:

Something I learned (which I guess shouldn’t have surprised me) is that girl drummers just can’t be good players—they have to look good. I’ve never heard anybody complain about a guy drummer’s looks. Female guitarists and vocalists aren’t especially judged on their looks (a certain finalist on “American Idol” comes to mind) not that good looks aren’t handy any place in the entertainment industry. I know it’s hard to tell, but under all that heavy, theatrical make-up Morgan is a very attractive woman without it—but the blatant sexism in the issue nevertheless rankles this photographer/writer.

I stress that all this is just my opinion—I don’t know how Morgan feels—it might not be an issue with her at all.

Diana Krall is–most will agree I’m sure—a stunningly beautiful woman with an amazing singing voice.

I’ve read a few articles on Diana—she comes from a solidly professional (family) back ground and has had many years of training and experience. She is an incredibly talented pianist and I remember watching an interview with some of the members of her band. It was apparent they saw her as a stone-professional, serious musician—not just a pretty girl with a good voice. The respect they had for her as they commented, could not have been more obvious.

Maybe you can have it both ways sometimes—Morgan and Diana have that in common it appears.

Oh—if you want to see a video of one of the music industry’s leading female drummers take a look at this:

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