“Monday-Monday” Question Day (Image: Jessica on a Table.)

OK—today is Monday and here’s the question of the week:

Over the last 2 weeks all the images except for one I think—have been of attractive young women. Name your favorite image and tell why it’s your favorite and describe any common narrative themes you see in these posts other than the photographer is a dirty old man (that’s far too easy and abysmally unimaginative even if it is true.)

For those of you who never took Photographic Criticism 101 a “narrative theme” is simply a suggested or implied story or set of defining circumstances that makes some sort of comment on the human condition. Or if that seems a little pretentious you can just describe what comes to mind as you contemplate the majesty of true genius.

Now—to kick off a new feature my doctor (and web editor) has suggested. Here are selected comments by other photographers around the world on yesterday’s image—“Time of the Season”:

Fedia Trifonov

Pretty bold vision. Excellently done +

Johannes Frank Johannesson

Very good capture and timing—colors are excellent

Tiia Vissak

Cool make-up job.

Miorela Punga

Excellent!! My compliments!

Bruno Lombard

Beautiful work and great explanation…!

Sami Akbeniz

Excellent “mise en scene” Orion +

Any comments on the comments are welcome.

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3 Responses to ““Monday-Monday” Question Day (Image: Jessica on a Table.)”

  1. Bob Says:

    Jessica on the table (Monday, Monday) is my favorite because you have made it theater of the absurd – a playful attractive zombie – well done!

  2. orion Says:

    So far you’re in the lead for the prize :-)

  3. bob Says:

    This is the website I was talking about. I was right Enzo and Paolo share it. The home page appears to still be down but here is a work around – http://www.traccefotografichetrivento.com/enzo-perrazziello.aspx?sez=3&sotSez=1 You could do stories on one side and photography on the other. Just a thought.

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