McGuffey and Downtown Mall Visit-3-25-10

I visited one of my favorite shooting locations today–The McGuffey Arts Center in Charlottesville. There’s a lot of seriously good art coming out of that building and the artists are a group of wonderful people (except for the ones who seem to harbor suspicion and distrust for that dorky old guy always prowling around photographing stuff–I happen to know he’s harmless.)

I found several things to shoot in the studio of sculptor Jim Respass–a super nice guy doing some really wierd stuff with styrofoam and blue jeans. Jim has been a wonderful source of support and art education.

I dropped off the portraits I did of Doug & Brad (dance instuctors)–left them in their studio, chatted with several other ladies–Nancy, Jean, Anne and Susan. I tried to speak with Lindsey Mears–to get her permission to use images of her work in a post but have not been able to reach her despite voice mail and emails. I left a note on her studio door.

Wandered around the Downtown Mall (a restored historic district) and bagged several pretty good snaps. Had a delicious bowl of Coconut Curry soup at my favorite tea room then drove over to Piedmont Community College for my class in digital photography.

A pretty good day–how was yours?

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2 Responses to “McGuffey and Downtown Mall Visit-3-25-10”

  1. Nelson Cheang Says:

    Sounds very great. I can feel that your have a delightful day.
    For me , another busy day , drawing some concept layout , discussion with many people…As you know, it will be many changes before the final decision.

  2. orion Says:

    Hi Nelson–again–thank you for visiting the site. Sounds like your life is very busy and demanding–I hope you are well rewarded for all your efforts. And again–I hope my site brings you a little relaxation and enjoyment. Orion

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