Mass Communication

I don’t know what it is about Ruckersville, VA but it has an unusual number of what I call “Junque” shops meaning a hodge-podge of stuff–mostly old stuff–some of which is valuable–most of which probably isn’t. But almost all of it is interesting. Lot of antiques, collectibles, books, household furnishings, tools, decorating accessories, art and an endless variety of trash. Of course “one man’s trash…”–well you know.

I had an errand to run in Ruckersville (which is a suburb of Charlottesville with a population of about 10,000) and afterwards spent a few hours wandering and poking around in several of these stores. You can almost always find curious and cool stuff to photograph.

This wall right behind the front door of one shop caught my eye. I guess a lot of people in the area want us to know what they have to offer and there’s that whole freedom of speech business and free enterprise and self expression–all of which are good things certainly but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

I showed this post to my wife and chuckling said–”look–see–”Mass Communication.” ¬†She looked at it and said, “More like ‘Mess Communication.’” ¬†Maybe I should have named it that–which one would you vote for?

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