Mary Otis Warren

This statue stands in front of the Barnstable County Courthouse on Cape Cod.  This picture was taken in April of 2010–our last visit to the cape.  We had a trip planned for this weekend but canceled flights and other problems forced us to abandon that plan. The lady depicted is Mary otis Warren–a historical figure. Here’s a bit of Wikipedia info. on her.

Mercy Otis Warren (September 25, 1728 – October 19, 1814) was a Massachusetts author who lived during the era of the American Revolution. At a time when politics was considered to be the exclusive province of white men, Warren was one of the first women to publish works dealing with political matters. Beginning in 1772, she gained the support of patriot John Adams and began to publish satirical plays and political propaganda in Massachusetts newspapers. Designed to undermine royal authority, these works aimed to stir up popular alarm about British assaults on colonial rights and liberties and to generate support for the cause of independence. During the debate over the U.S. Constitution in 1788, she issued a pamphlet opposing ratification and advocating the inclusion of a Bill of Rights, which she published under the pseudonym, “A Columbian Patriot.” In 1805, she published one of the earliest histories of the American Revolution,History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution. This work, which she published under her own name, was also the first history of the Revolution authored by a woman.

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