Main Moon Paper Towel Dispenser

A week or two ago I posted a shot taken in a Chinese restaurant and wrote a story to go with it called “Main Moon.” The picture was of the backs of some empty chairs in the restaurant in afternoon light.

 That restaurant was in Massachusetts—we stopped there for dinner on our way to visit my wife’s son. While waiting for our meal I went to the restroom to wash my hands and spotted this scene—NOT in the bathroom—but through an open door to the kitchen. The tags around the dispenser are little signs with magnets to be placed on the sneeze shield above dishes offered on the noon buffet, identifying the food. Why they’re all clustered around the paper towel dispenser is probably one of those ”riddle[s], wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” that Churchill was referring to

 I decided to use this image for today’s post because I think it’s kind of whimsical and curious but mostly because I’m still working on Cheryl’s story—“Highway 61,” and don’t want to rush it.  As I said yesterday—it’ll probably be 4 installments. I may run the installments one at a time as usual but I may also post the whole thing on my site so anyone who doesn’t want to read it in little snatches can read the whole thing in one sitting—some people are just weird that way.

 I couldn’t think of much to say about the paper towel dispenser picture—other than what I just related above—so I went to the well—the fathomless well of information we call the internet. I typed in “Paper towel dispensers.”

 I was hoping for some interesting tid-bits about the history of the device—perhaps a few anecdotes on famous paper towel dispensers—possibly something in a Reader’s Digest format like, “Memorable Paper Towel Dispensers I have Known,” or maybe some good stories on how paper towel dispensers have changed history.  These things are so ubiquitous they have to have played a part in at least a few critical moments in the affairs of men. You know—JFK goes to wash his hands, the paper towel dispenser is empty, he gets irritated and distracted trying to find a towel and forgets to order air support for the Bay of Pigs invasion—that sort of thing.  I’ll  keep looking.

 Mostly what I found was ads for companies that sell these things—and there are a lot of paper products, paper product dispensers and companies that sell them. Among the bewildering array of dispensing devices are, of course, toilet paper dispensers and while roaming around in Bathroom Tissue Wonderland I found the following video. I thought it was funny. You may too.

 If you don’t find it amusing maybe it’s because something like this has happened to you or maybe you just don’t appreciate high brow humor.

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