Layered Images

When I got my first digital camera several years ago I went through a period where I was enamored of the manipulative possibilities available in the  ”computer dark room” venue.  A certain photographer friend I was in the habit of routinely imposing myself on for criticism and feed back patiently put up with me until I was able to mature through this stage.

But–recently I’ve been curious to see how members of a photographer’s website I belong to (“fotoblur”) would react to this stuff–heavy manipulation is very popular on that site.  So I dusted off 4 images and posted them to see what the good folks there have to say.

I decided to post them here also–not so much because I think they’re good photography but just for some variety. I’m not sure they have any depth but they do offer a bit of “eye-candy” for those of you who like that sort of thing.

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