This is obviously a different pose for Krista, a slightly different mood–one more of vulnerability and uncertainty–and a different treatment–a bit heavier on the editing to accomplish a (hopefully) more painterly look.

My wife and I will be leaving for an art show shortly so I don’t have time to add a story I have in mind –I’ll get back to more interesting commentaries (probably) tomorrow.

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12 Responses to “Krista-2”

  1. Bob Says:

    Enjoy the art show – my thoughts for what they are worth – she’s 15 and the mood seems so heavy. I know that she wrote a vampire novel, and there are the dark aspects of that, but I feel as though most of her youthfulness is missing. My reaction could easily be generated by not wanting to face the fact that my own daughter is growing up too quickly, but I would like to see what you could do with light and color.

    Craigslist photog forum – go to click on the words “discussion forums” and click on photography. I’ve been reading it – never posted.

  2. Krista Says:

    this is the best pic of me in my opinion and I would like to inform you that I made it my profile picture on my facebook page with a link to your website on the photo. Thank you so much for photographing me, the picture is awesome.

  3. Tyler Santangelo Says:

    I saw this on her Facebook she told me about this site.
    This photo does justice its amazing, very well done.

  4. orion Says:

    Hi Tyler–thank you for the compliment and I hope you enjoy the website. I post a lot of different things–of late I’ve been doing people. I also post stories. Though I haven’t posted any of late I expect to get back to that shortly..

  5. orion Says:

    Hi Krista–I’m pleased you like the photo–hope your folks are OK with it too. See you tomorrow night.

  6. orion Says:

    Hi Bob. I’ll be doing more things with Krista–assuming she and her parents are OK with it. I just started with this dark stuff because she’s into the Goth style somewhat. I stress that it seems to me to be a style–not a life-style. She has a lot of potential as a model and I expect to develop a number of ideas and themes. This is just my getting started and getting acquainted with this lovely young person and her potential as an artistic challenge.

  7. orion Says:

    Oh–maybe you know my daughter–Summer Holen?

  8. Krista Says:

    Hi OT and yes my parents and I love the work you have done. And I will see you tomarrow night at the writers group. Also, I have a friend who is an author of novels and short stories. And he is going to stop by as well. So we have a new writer in the group yay!

  9. orion Says:

    Wonderful–your folks seem like very nice people–I’m glad they’re on board. See you tonight.

  10. orion Says:

    Oh–sorry–looking forward to seeing and hearing from your friend tonight.

  11. Krista Says:

    As am I, if he can still come. Long story.

  12. Krista Says:

    See you tonight.

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