“Keep Right” Town Center-Canajoharie, NY

I took this picture of this unusual (in my experience) traffic light in the town  of Canajoharie, New York.

I’ve never seen a traffic light positioned this way. As you know they usually hang from overhead wires and are powered by current from one of the wires above them. I guess this light has a power wire coming up from the street.

My brother-in law who is a life-long resident of Upstate, New York, recommended  I visit this area–specifically the town of Sharon Springs which is 10 miles from Canajoharie. He never said anything about Canajoharie being of interest. I stopped in this town–which is just off the New York State Thru-Way–to get some lunch. I ate at a quaint-looking little pizzaria called “Tony’s” a block from this light and can say without hesitation it was almost certainly the worst slice of pizza I’ve ever eaten–burnt black on the bottom of what was obviously a pre-made pizza shell covered with artificial cheese and sauce that tasted like the can it came in. The place was empty at a little after noon–now I know why. There was a a teen-age girl in charge–I chatted with her a bit about the town and area–that was pleasant–more than I can say for the meal.

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2 Responses to ““Keep Right” Town Center-Canajoharie, NY”

  1. Larry Blackwood Says:

    I like this photo, although I’m not sure that leaving the light yellow in the b&W conversion adds anything of interest. In fact, for me it grabs my eye and keeps me from appreciating the stoplight in it’s surroundings as much. But that could be just me. I wonder if its unique location is a holdover from back when there used to be a pedestal in the middle of an intersection with a policeman standing on it directing traffic. At least I remember seeing that kind of thing in old movies.

  2. orion Says:

    A lot of people liked the yellow–no one on fotoblur said they didn’t–but I agree–it does pull the eye back to that center point over & over. Hadn’t thought about the traffic cop on the pedestal–it makes sense.

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