Jessica Kneeling

Today was possibly the best day of shooting I’ve ever had and I’ve been taking pictures for almost half a century. My favorite model Jessica came to my studio for an afternoon of photography and to make it even better—brought along her beautiful, delightful friend Jessie.

Over the course of about 4 hours I fired off a little over 2000 frames of the two young ladies while loud music played—at time the girls danced and most of the time we were laughing. Both ladies brought along a ton of costumes, props and accessories and the creativity and good times rolled.

When we set up this shoot I assumed it would be enjoyable but it has been decades since I actually played (yes—I said “played”) and had good old fashioned, just plain FUN.

When we become adults it seems like enjoying yourself is fine—we’re allowed to enjoy ourselves—but we forget how to have true fun like we did when we were kids.

I used to have a good friend who retired from the ministry to become a clinician—I worked with him for a number of years and it was his belief that God wants us to have fun—and if at all possible—get paid for doing it. I submit this is probably my favorite theological premise and I strongly suggest all of you out there reading this give it some serious thought—in fact—I encourage you to “pray on it” (as my fundamentalist friends like to say).

Today I had fun—and I must thank Jessica and Jessie for their exquisite modeling and my beautiful, UNJEALOUS wife for encouraging me in this magnificent obsession we call artistic photography.

Praise be to God/Allah/Yahweh, Buddha/ Krishna—whoever—from whom all blessings flow.

I’ll be posting lots and lots of pictures of these two sweet, beautiful young ladies in the coming weeks.

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