Imperial Baths-Spring House Ceiling

This is the ceiling of the Spring House at the old Imperial baths in Sharon Springs, New York–taken over the Thanksgiving weekend a few weeks ago.

According to a web site the baths are open in the summer.  I couldn’t tell how old the info in the website was but the whole operation looked abandoned or at least out of use to me when I was there wandering around. There was rust, peeling paint, tall weeds and grass growing up everywhere I looked.

A large ladle on a long pole was lying nearby in this temple structure so people could dip out sulphur water which smells like rotten eggs. Supposedly drinking the water is a curative for various digestive and gastronomical ailments. Bathing in the water is supposed to be good for skin problems and arthritis. There must be some value to the water or thousands of people wouldn’t have come to this spa over the years which was built in 1927.

Anybody out there had any experience with mineral baths and cures ostensibly deriving from their use?

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