This will be the last of the Hula-Hootenanny series—a couple of followers have expressed interest in “the Hula-hoop girl” (her name is “Jessica”) so if you’re interested you can go to the Hula-Hootenanny Gallery on this website and there are the images I’ve posted plus a few more.

Tomorrow I’ll start a series on a place on the Down-Town Mall I enjoy having lunch at—The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar.

Check out their web site at:

I met the owner yesterday—her name is Gwendolyn and I felt an immediate rapport. I took a few pictures of her and those will be posted in the upcoming days. Gwendolyn was busy looking after customers but was able to spare a few minutes to chat with me. I’m not sure of her age (none of my business, I’m sure)—she’s a lot younger than me—but she actually not only knew who the Beatles were but their names. I’m reminded of that joke that was popular in the ‘80s—one high school kid says to another, “Hey—did you know Paul McCartney was in another band before, “Wings?”

As I said—I felt Gwendolyn was something of a kindred spirit. I told her about the last story that the Tea Bazaar was mentioned in—Hula-hootenanny-2  (parts 1 & 2)—the story about an old friend who owned a sitar given him by George Harrison.

Gwendolyn said she’d check out this site and read the story—I hope she finds time—I believe she’d enjoy it.

I’ll say more about my brief encounter with Gwendolyn tomorrow. As those of you who follow my stories know, I often start out relating the circumstances where I took a picture then relate a story that follows from memories and/or associations the event precipitates. I’ll be doing that tomorrow.  See you then:)

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