This is Jessica Newlyn Baraff—she and her partner who is not visible in this picture—comprise a street performance they call Hula-Hootenanny. Her partner (whose name I can’t remember—sorry) plays folk melodies on the violin while Jessica does things with a hula hoop I’ve never seen before—amazing, beautiful tricks and dance movements that are a delight to watch.

Earlier today I had to drive into Charlottesville to run an errand. After I did that I went to the Charlottesville Downtown Mall—a restored historic district and pedestrian mall—one of my favorite places in the world to shoot.

Driving into town I was feeling a bit down. I was becoming bored and a bit restless with the subject matter I’ve been shooting of late and was really hoping I’d find something new and fun. I parked my truck, walked the block to the mall and what’s the first thing I encounter as I step onto the main thoroughfare—Jessica and her friend and their wonderful street act.

The Downtown Mall almost always has street performers—especially when the weather is nice—typically guitar players. But I’ve never seen anything like Hula-Hootenanny—on the mall or anywhere else for that matter. Jessica is also a massage therapist and is part of a firetroupe. If you’re interested in knowing more about that click on this link:

I have other shots of Jessica and her very talented violinist (or is it fiddle-player?) friend and will post those in upcoming days. I also found a number of other images during the same outing I think you’ll find worth your time and will post those. I’m also working on some new stories which, hopefully, will be entertaining.

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