Harsh Reality

This post started out as the single (static) HDR image which you see above–this was developed from several layers of blended images. The final treatment and effect is–as you can see–is harsh.

There’s a reason for that.

It–both the photographic treatment and the reality it implies–is pretty harsh. Most important in the single HDR image is the juxtaposition–Allyson’s sweet pretty features described by bitter, grainy textures. The expression–alert and aware but uncertain and slightly dazed–is part of my intent.  The title may be a bit simplistic and overstated but seems appropriate nevertheless.

As I worked with the many images I went through it occurred to me all of them at some level pertained. I decided to make a slide show out of all the versions I considered as well as those that actually went into the final HRD picture. This slide show is not to be confused with another slide show called “Alyssa’s Gallery.”  My intent in posting this show is to suggest the incredible complexity and shades of suffering and consequence that define this little lady–and her family’s–experience.

Here’s a comment from a photographer friend in another country who saw the single HDR image:

“…my initial reaction was that the HDR treatment was just too harsh……On reflection, Alyssa has been dealt a cruel blow by developing cancer at such a tender age. Life can be harsh. Perhaps the HDR treatment brings this horrible reality into sharp focus. It certainly stopped me in my tracks…”

But, as you can see a few of the images are soft and “normal.”  This is to suggest Alyssa’s “…old life…” that she so badly wants back.

I wish with all my heart I could give it to you Alyssa.

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