Good Friends

This is Jessica and Jessie again. I love this and the other image of them being silly–in that stylized pose–like children pretending to be about to kiss. This was shot a matter of seconds after the first one.

I don’t know about the rest of the western world but girls dancing together, sharing clothes, sharing a bed, even kissing is condoned–even to some extent ambiguously¬† encouraged by our still male-dominated culture. It is within that inexplicit psycho-social context ¬†that Jessie and Jessica are seen here celebrating their wonderful friendship. A couple of guys dancing or about to kiss would not get (I suspect) the same reaction from most of our society. The exception would of course be the gay community.

I normally post the same image or images in both fotoblur and here on this site. I was on the road last week and having trouble getting to a computer so was not as well organized as I am at home–the image of the girls about to kiss was posted here but not on fotoblur.

So–because I like it–I used the “about-to-kiss” image on fotoblur but this one here so anyone coming to this site from fotoblur will see this one but someone who visits this site regularly won’t see an image that was up just a few days ago. Enjoy.

I’m working on a story about Sam (Samantha)’s father. Some of you who have followed my stories will remember Sam as Cheryl’s best friend. Anyway–Sam’s dad–John–has a secret–something that happened when Sam was six and her dad was living alone in Rome, New York before bringing Sam and her mom up from Mississippi. I won’t tell you what the secret is–just that he wasn’t entirely alone during that period :)

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