Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Shot this on one of my many visits to the McGuffy Arts Center last year. I used go there a lot because it kept me humble and inspired (hard to do when you’re a major international talent like me!)

I used to wander around, find endless examples of seriously good art and I would always talk to the artists—most of whom are pleasant, intelligent, trusting people.

I say “most.”

A few of them don’t like the dorky old guy with the camera who hangs around taking pictures of people, things, art work, rooms, windows, ceilings, trash on the floors, nasty utility sinks etc. And he’s always giving matted prints to the people he photographs—for free—without being asked.

You know damn good & well he’s got to be up to something—nobody goes around being nice to people, giving them things and not expecting something in return (probably something disgusting and repugnant!—makes me sick just to think about it!)

He says he just wants to bring a little fun & joy into people’s lives—Bullshit!—I mean really—what kind of deviant ass-hole does crap like that?


I haven’t been to the McGuffy for several months now—I’ve been enjoying photographing on the Down Town Mall which is just a block away.

I miss a lot of the McGuffy people—especially the sweet lady whose studio I took this picture in who promised me she‘d teach me how to draw if I signed up for her class. Can’t remember her name—she’s a landscape painter—does a lot of seascapes.

I’ll go back someday—I know I will.

When the weather is bad its nice to be in a climate-controlled building to wander around and explore in. But I’m afraid the DORK-haters will hurt me—punish me for my outrageous and presumptuous charity and optimism.

Maybe if I change my ways.

Stop taking pictures, stop talking to people, stop giving them things and praising their work, stop being nice—go sit in the parking lot wearing sack cloth and ashes and repent.

Maybe then the DORK-haters will forgive me.

Anybody know a good website on contrition and self-abasement?—I need some direction and instruction in this area.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

If the DORK-haters get me please send donations in lieu of flowers  to the North American Society for the redemption of DORKS. Thank you.

Click on the video–it’s an oldie but a goodie.

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