Fluvanna backroads-3

This is the last of the Fluvanna Backroads series.

The shot of Columbia Corner Grocery documents the other half of Columbia’s active businesses. When I have driven by in the evenings it would appear it’s also the closest thing Columbia has to a night life or at least a community center. I stopped one evening shortly after sunset a few years ago to night photograph the store and spent a little time watching adults and teen-agers come and go. ¬†Sitting there inconspicuously in my car in the shadows across from the store I was struck with a sense of being on a tiny sub-cultural island. These people, living in their ancient, weathered farm houses and converted empty business buildings–in some instances virtual shacks–sought out the light of each other’s presence and conversation from the darkness and isolation of this seemingly peripheral community.

The window shot is a close-up of the window in the Wells Garage shot in the first “Backroads” post. This type of subject matter–shots through windows in old buildings–always have a slightly voyeuristic feel to me–not like peering into someone’s personal space but more like looking through time and all the archetypal resonance that implies.

The boarded up shed is on the road between Stage Junction and Columbia–I’ve photographed it 2 or 3 times in the last few years. I love the combination of (artificial/man-made) angles in the doors and boards in contrast with the wild and natural lines and textures of the trees and vines. The love-hate struggle of man and nature goes on and on but in the end we know who will win.

Hope you enjoyed this series.

Columbia Corner Grocery

Wells Garage-Side Window-close-up.

"Keep Out"

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