Fluvanna back roads-#2

Here are a few more shots I made last Monday afternoon. The barn and fence line scene is just down Rte. 53 from Lake Monticello. The soiltary silo image was shot on Hell’s Bend Road near the Fluvanna community of Wilmington.

The shot of Goshen Christian Church is my favorite in this selection. A wonderful friend and mentor, Larry Blackwood and I were allowed to photograph the interior last spring. There had been no services there in over 30 years. It was a melancholy and compelling experience pondering the dust covered pews, choir risers and piano–the attendance & offering figures from the last service held some 30 plus years ago. The sense of lives being lived, of joy, pain, loss–of faith being celebrated and tested–it was all there in the crumbling plaster on the floor, the yellowing church bulletins under the dark, silent pews.

Hell's Bend Road

Goshen Christian Church

Farm on Rt. 53

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