Flowering (Ike’s and the Downtown Mall-8-2-10)

Spotted the flowers in the window & lamp pole image (“Flowering” is the name) while waiting for my slice of pizza at Christian’s on the Downtown Mall today—I had to almost sit down on the floor to get the angle right—I noticed several people looking at me and fingering their cell phones—probably thinking about dialing 911.

Pizza in hand I wandered slowly back down the mall to Ike’s Underground a vintage clothing store, (here’s the link: http://ikesunderground.com/

Ike was there finishing up his lunch. I asked about the You-Tube Zombie movie I talked about in a previous Post (search this site for “Ike’s Underground”). That movie is long done and he’s done 2 more since then—films with similar cultural significance.

Turns out I misunderstood Ike in a previous conversation—I thought amateur acting was something he just took up in the last year or two. I was wrong—Ike has been for much of his life, a professional card-carrying (SAG) actor in Chicago. Along with a lot of other cool stuff he did some episodes of a TV show called “Early Edition,” a science fiction show that ran from 1996 to 2000. Here’s a link if you want to know more about the show: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_Edition

There was a girl named Kristin in the shop—I think she was a part-time employee. Ike was kind enough to let me use his lap-top to show her my website so she could see I was a legitimate artiste’.

“See—look Kristin—I have a website,” I said—pointing excitedly at the screen. “Look at these great images and incredible stories and comments.”

“Big deal,” she said—rolling her pretty eyes at the basement ceiling, “everybody’s got a website—my neighbor’s dog has a website—it’s called ‘Bite me.’”

“Yeah, well, sure—everybody may have a site,” I sputtered, “but not like mine—my site’s got class—I’ve got Roller-Derby girls on my site—cute, high-class Derby girls—I’ll bet Fido just has common bitches on his site.”

So Kristin looks at the screen, nods and says I can take her picture (I think she was impressed but just didn’t want to admit it.)

She has her hair up—says she’ll let it down—she has beautiful thick curly auburn hair.

“My sisters are models,” she says throwing her head back and smiling at the old fart with the camera. She shakes her hair and runs her fingers through it repeatedly, ”I know how to do this,” she says smiling and wooing the camera.

I fire off a couple dozen frames—she looks great.

The three of us go upstairs to the street level—Ike has to have a smoke. We chat a bit further—I tell her my wife’s daughter’s name is Kristin and some other stuff I can’t remember—the sort of embarrassing blather old guys tell pretty young women to fill the awkward silence. I rarely say anything very memorable—today was no exception.

“Got to go,” I say throwing the camera strap around my neck. “Thanks Ike—thanks Kristin—you’ll be on the internet tonight or tomorrow I say to her.” She nods absent-mindedly as if to say, “Yeah, sure—whatever.” And I’m off.

At home the internet is down—after about 30 seconds I give up trying to fix it and remember I have a shoot at the local high school—got to get pic.s of the football team and the new coach for the paper I shoot for. I drop off some new matted prints at a galley I have stuff at and get half way across the county when I realize I left my camera home.

By this time it’s getting into late afternoon—I’m tired (old people get tired easily.) I decide to turn around, go home and go tomorrow for the football team shoot—they’ll still be there—practicing pounding the hell out of enemy teams.

Back at the house I call the tech support people—the modem just needs re-setting—and I’m back on line. I go to work—edit some of today’s images, write up this stuff you’re currently wasting your time reading—pull up the site and plug in the pictures of Kristin, the flowers and a bunch of other shots you might enjoy–isn’t the little kid (Latham) incredible?

I mean—look at this website—pure, wall-to-wall class. I got pictures of Derby girls, Kristin—stories about hanging out with big-time actors—that beats the hell out of any stupid dog website.

Fido can just ‘bite me!”

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