Dry Arrangement-Chroma Gallery

Joanie and I stopped in at the Chroma Gallery on the Downtown Mall last Friday as we were killing time before going to “Durty Nellies” to see the Rock & Roll Cannibals. I wanted her to meet Deborah—the very talented and pleasant curator there.

The Chroma is a great place to photograph interiors and still lifes because of Deborah.

She’s brilliant at decorating and mounting exhibits. Everywhere you look there’s a pleasant arrangement of furniture, paintings, miscellaneous objects. I only know one other person with that kind of interior space talent—a gentleman who used to run an antique and decorating business in the county where I live.

Joanie, Deborah and I were talking about the current exhibits—she was explaining a piece in the main gallery when I happened to glance across the room at this elegantly simple dry arrangement.

I complimented Deborah on how beautifully it was conceived and put together and asked if I could photograph it. She smiled and said “Sure,” and as I was moving around, snapping from different angles she stepped forward and her reflection entered the frame—visible in the glass table top.

“Whoa,” I called out, “Stop Deborah, move to your left a bit,” I said and explained her reflection added just the bit of mystery the composition needed. An artist herself she was more than happy to comply. I showed her the image in the digital display on the back of the camera and she exclaimed how nice a picture it was. And once again—as she had previously—told me what a “good photographer” I was. High praise coming from someone of her aptitude, training and experience.

So anyway—here’s the result—after a bit of editing. I think it’s pretty good—hope you like it too.

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