Dream Lake (Luray Caverns-1)

Hello everyone–I just added a gallery on Luray caverns–my emphasis is on the people touring it. Just go to the list of Galleries and click on “Luray Caverns.”

I guess we’ve been talking about doing it for 4 or 5 years now—well today we did it. We went to visit Luray Caverns.

Billed as the largest and most popular caverns on the east coast, Luray Caverns are about a 2 hour drive from our home (which is just to the east and south of Charlottesville, VA.) The weather has been blistering hot for the last few weeks on the east coast of the U.S. so a trip underground definitely sounded like a cool thing to do—plus it really is a beautiful natural feature to explore. I seem to remember taking my kids to visit it about 12 years ago and really enjoyed it.  Joanie had never seen it.

We got to the town of Haymarket, VA (near the caverns) about noon so we stopped for lunch before taking the tour. We found this funky little Mexican joint on Main Street. I thought the food was OK—decent but nothing special—Joanie thought it was fantastic because he hates hot, spicy food and this place evidently never heard of Jalapeño peppers. She was very happy with the grub. I got a great shot through the front widows—I’ll post it tomorrow.  It happens that everybody else in Virginia had the same idea—about getting out of the heat that is. The crowds outside were huge—we had to drive around for 15 minutes to find a parking spot in a very big lot. But to the credit of the caverns management, they really know how to move people through so we only waited 30 or 40 minutes to get inside.

This image is of one of the most popular features of the caverns. It’s called Dream Lake and it’s really just a pool about 6 inches deep and probably about the size of a school bus. The water is so still and pure and the lighting so bright and well-placed it looks like you’re looking into a fantastical fairy land-scape. What you’re mostly seeing is a reflection of the stalactite-covered ceiling above the pool so all the pointy formations sticking up are really reverse images of the ceiling formations.

The admission is 23 bucks for adults. The tour takes about an hour and and 15 minutes or so–you walk about 1 and a quarter miles underground–at the deepest point you’re about 164 feet under the surface.  Oh–in  case you were wondering–it takes a stalactite 120 years to grow 1 inch.

Here’s a link if you want to learn more about the caverns.


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2 Responses to “Dream Lake (Luray Caverns-1)”

  1. Steven Jones Says:

    Wonderful images, I really like the images of other people taking photographs. I am going to plan a visit to the caverns. Thank You for sharing

  2. orion Says:

    HI Steve–thank you so much for commenting–I spend a lot of time at this writing, posting etc. so comments from good people like you mean more than you might guess.

    Did you check out your son’s Fotoblur account?

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