Deck The Hall

This is another image from my trip to one of Ruckersville’s many “Junque” or thrift stores yesterday.

This particular shop had a lot of books, magazines and wall art. In particular I spotted an Andrew Wyeth that looked newly framed (it’s not in this particular photograph)–they wanted $230.00 for it.

It was one of his most famous paintings–”Evening at Kuerner’s”–and it obviously wasn’t the original, which is currently part of a private collection–but that seems kind of high for a print. Maybe it was signed–though that would probably be pretty low even then.

I looked up the painting–here’s an interesting bit of that article:

“Also in 1948, he began painting Anna and Karl Kuerner, his neighbours in Chadds Ford. Like the Olsons, the Kuerners and their farm were one of Wyeth’s most important subjects for nearly 30 years. Wyeth stated about the Kuerner Farm, “I didn’t think it a picturesque place. It just excited me, purely abstractly and purely emotionally.” (Source Wikipedia)

But I asked the shop owner if it was signed (they say the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!) and I was assured it was not. The cost was mostly for the presentation which was very nice–and fairly new it seemed.

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