Day one 11-23-10 Northern Odyssey

Six hours and fifteen minutes on the interstate and local roads to get here then checked in at the motel in Wind Gap, PA.

Pretty uneventful trip up here–that’s the way old people like it.  Joanie wanted to buy a heavy steel toolbox for her 12 year old grand daughter. She couldn’t find what she wanted in Virginia but was able to score a nice one at Sears just outside Easton. Every little girl needs a place to keep her personal posessions–cell-phone, magazines, jewelry and the little bit of make-up she uses. A locked box is necessary in this case because of a much younger brother who seems incapable of respecting his sister’s property.

Before finding the Sears we tried a Wal-Mart. No luck there (obviously or we wouldn’t have gone to the Sears) but what makes that effort interesting was the sunset in front of the store. Looking west the sky was a blazing orange and gold expanse of firey clouds. Beneath the spectacular sunset was a forest of high mast lighting shining blue-white against the orange sky–the lights and sky color reflected in hundreds of car windshields, chrome and shiny paint.

I shot a series of studies of the sky and lighting and got a number of close-ups of the sky and lights in the shiny roof tops of cars–one in particular was quite promising–brilliant artificial lighting and a beautiful network of bare maple tree branches against the searing sunset.

The featured image is of Jessica–taken last week in that long, amazing  afternoon shoot–the one where she brought along her friend Jessie. I set up a series of website drafts on this site before we left with a fresh picture for each day we’ll be away so all I have to do is sit down at a public access computer and type in the day’s events.  At the moment I’m tapping away at a computer in the Bangor Public Library–about 20 minutes from Wind Gap. It’s a fascinating facility. It’s housed in a fabulous old victorian brownstone house in the quaint little down town district. The shelves, tables, chairs and other furnishings look just like the ones that were in the public library I haunted as a kid growing up in Upstate New York in the fifties. The whole ambience is like time-travel. A few minutes ago a train rumbled by blowing it’s horn–it sounded like it waas about 50 feet from the library.

They only have one computer here (it’s a very small town)–you have to call ahead and reserve a slot.  I was fotunate they had one available.

Well, enough boring blather. There’s a really cool Indian restaurant back in the shopping center we just came from. That’s where we’ll be going for supper–I love Indian quisine.

We’ll be spending the day with Joanie’s daughter and the 2 grand kids tomorrow–that promises to be a day of unrelenting excitement (that’s sarcasm in case I wasn’t blunt enough).  I’ll let you know how it goes assuming I’m not worn out from all the fun.

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2 Responses to “Day one 11-23-10 Northern Odyssey”

  1. Jorge Maia Says:

    Excellent image and pose! A long driving my friend. glad you’ve got a computer in the nearby. greetings and have a great time!

  2. orion Says:

    Hi Jorge–I’ll contact you on fotoblur.

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