Covesville, VA Window

Joanie & I spent the afternoon wandering the back roads of Albemarle County–the next county to the west of Fluvanna. We emerged from a winding country road onto a major highway–Route 29 which runs from Charlottesville to Lynchburg. I remembered a huge antique and salvage store a few miles south on 29 from where we intersected it and we drove down to see it.

During the four and a half years my mom was in a nursing home outside of Winston-Salem I drove by this store countless times and always meant  to check it out. On this beautiful, sunshiny winter day we finally got there and spent close to a hour exploring the little back rooms, hallways and parlors of the huge early 1900s  house it occupied.

At the end of a hallway at the southern side of the house I spotted this window and thought it would make a nice image.

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