Cobbler & Co. Sharon Springs, NY

I have mentioned previously while my wife and I were visiting in Upstate New York a month ago,  my brother-in-law was good enough  to direct me to the little town of Sharon Springs, New York when I asked him one morning if he knew of a town “that the 21st century had by-passed.”

It’s  a cool little town but the 21st century really hasn’t by-passed it exactly. This neat little Adirondack-foot-hills village in an admittedly picturesque, fairly remote location probably was pretty much left alone until a few years ago–but what often happens to sleepy little places like this is they get “discovered. ”

Then they become what I call “Boutiqueified.” Enterprising entrepreneurs leap in and renovate quaint old buildings–painting over the ancient brick, crumbling plasterboard and coffered ceilings– turning dreary old, forgotten structures into cute, charming and usually over-priced galleries, stores and coffee-shops.  About the same time an artist’s community moves in which feeds the galleries, boutiques and shops with art which in turn increases the rate & degree of boutiqueification.

Photographically they’re not as interesting overall and the experience of being there  loses that “Indiana-Jones” adventure quality but on the other hand you do get to look at art–some of which is usually pretty good and you get to talk to some fun people.

I found this place–this gift-shop-art-shop-art-gallery-sort-of-place–shortly after parking my car on main street. As I approached  it I met a young guy out front (who might be described as entrepreneurial/bohemian/arty-looking) who was carrying off display-pumpkins still lingering from the Thanksgiving season. He explained he was “depumkining” the front of the shop and recommended I go inside,  “Cobbler & Co.” and meet the lady who ran it. I don’t remember her name but she was very nice, interesting and very knowledgeable of local art and the town.

The place–a gift shop with arty gifts–was fun to wander around in and on the second floor I found this little room filled with stuffed animals, tea pots and marionettes. And the featured image shows what the ceiling looked like.

Pretty cool huh?

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