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Today I’ll run some “arty” treatments of some of the images from yesterday. Some subjects lend themselves to this sort of thing—others don’t look so good when you go to the super high contrast and blow out all but a few shades of gray.

I got some cool comments on the images I put up yesterday—one gentleman from Thailand asked if the shot of Beth shooting Courtney under the bridge by the side of the highway was “staged.” A woman from the United Kingdom said she liked the image but it looked “dangerous.” Another gentleman from Sweden said he’d love to see the results of Beth’s shooting. I also got two proposals of marriage from Australia but I’ve decided not to respond to those—you never know about those Aussies.

The best comment I got was from someone named “Matt” who said, “I know herrr (sic)—she’s very pretty.”

I don’t know Matt—I don’t think I’ve gotten any comments from him before but I’m certain he’s a fine human being. I think there’s a lot of people out there who come to the site every day—or nearly every day but are silent—never make any comments…


I don’t know which young lady Matt was referring to but I’d agree with him no matter which girl he meant. My wife looked at the edits and commented both girls were very striking—she also wandered what Beth’s shots looked like.

I don’t know if Beth and Courtney have seen the images—as you will remember from yesterday’s post I did give both girls a card with the web address on it. I asked Matt if he knew if the girls had seen the images—as of this writing he hasn’t responded. I hope they have—and like them.

On another note—I got an email from a young woman whose portrait I shot for the paper I work for. She was very pleased and said friends had suggested she get copies and frame them as a Valentine’s Day gift for her husband. That’s the sort of thing that really makes an old blogger-photographer’s day J. If you want to see the portrait choices I shot for that assignment—go to the post entitled “…even unto the end of time.”

As you will remember from yesterday Beth said she’d be attending the Savannah College of Art & Design (and I know Savannah is a beautiful city—lots to shoot.) I went to their website and it looks like a wonderful school—the sort of place I’d be interested in if I were three and a half decades younger. Oh well—maybe next time around.

Here’s the link if you want to take a look. If you click on it check out the school of photography—there’s a nice little video by a young man named Jeff Lind on his approach to photography.

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2 Responses to “Beth & Courtney-2”

  1. Melinda Says:

    Courtney you grew up way too fast! You are absolutely beautiful just like your mommy :-)

  2. orion Says:

    Hi Melinda–I passed along your comment to Beth. Thank you for coming to the site and commenting :)

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