Belvidere Street Retail

Taken the in December of 2010 on Belvidere Street in Nazareth, Pennsylvania while on a visit to my wife’s daughter and her children.

The neighborhood is very pleasant–many shops, stores and restaurants in buildings that date from the period just before the second world war.  Clean, well-maintained and safe–it seems like a place  the 21st century has over-looked.

I find it especially intriguing at night–the people of the neighborhood sit or stand on the clean sidewalks and talk about things that may or may not be of consequence–the important thing is they aren’t distracted by the grasping and clutching and doubt that seems to define so much of mainstream American life. These people are certainly no better or worse than the rest of America–its just that they have somehow found themselves where they are and whether they recognize it or not their lives and the environment they inhabit are reassuring and beautiful–at least to that old man with a camera they may notice wandering around once the  streets once or twice a year.

These people live in a setting that is more about the past than the future–a comfort to those of us who are no longer seduced by possibilities,  potential and somedays.

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