Announcing a contest! (Image: Dancing Girl 9)

Announcing a


Each week the visitor to this site that posts the most interesting or original comment or response to a “question of the week” will receive the image of his or her choice from the previous two week’s posts. You can post your remarks in the “comments” box at the bottom of each post on the initial page.

Here are the rules and particulars:

A. Contest begins immediately. This is a pilot program & will run four weeks to see what sort of response is forth-coming.

B. No vulgar or hostile language please.

C. No comments expressing bias, hatred or any form of disrespect based in political affiliation, race, age, creed, color, gender, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, sexual orientation (or lack thereof), Zodiac sign, hair color, musical tastes, favorite super-hero, genetic predispositions, self-destructive predilections, planet of origin—you get the idea.

D. The judging will be made each Monday unless it falls on a Thursday in which case it will be made the following Sunday. (Seriously-each Monday)

E. You must provide a valid email address where I can communicate with you privately and a valid mailing address where I can send your print (initially or once your winning status has been posted.) No jokes here—I promise I will not release the info. to anyone without a court-order.

F. At this time the sole judge will be me. This could change in the future depending on the response I get or don’t get. I like things that are:

G. Intelligent but NOT PEDANTIC, PRETENTIOUS OR PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL (give me a break!)—this can include quotes from brilliant, enduring and world-paradigm-changing sources such as something I wrote.

1. Funny (as far as racial, blonde or “Polack” jokes see item “C” above)

2. Succinct (do not send me a copy of your doctoral or master’s dissertation on some arcane/bizarre/obscure art-related topic or lame academic fetish)

3. Flattering and obsequious

H. Be advised the rules can change at any nano-second depending on things like climate change, wife’s attitude toward my obsessions and delusions, current diet program, solar or atmospheric phenomenon, lunar phases, alien abduction disposition, psychotropic medication efficacy, offspring’s expressions of appreciation for all the years of suffering and sacrifice—you get the idea.

(I’m not holding my breath on that last one)

I. Frequently asked questions:

What do I get?

Winners will be shipped, at no cost to them, a five by seven print, hand titled, signed and dated by the photographer and matted to 11 X 14 dimensions (a common frame size). (no joke here)

Why do I get it?

Because I love you. (that’s a joke)

Why would I want it?

If you’re spending enough time on this site to enter a contest you need all the support you can get. (another joke)

What is a “question of the week?”

An open-ended, projective opportunity for visitors to this site to express the wonder, euphoria and epiphanic nature of exposure to pure genius. An example might be something like “What image or story last week provided the greatest insight into your own aesthetic sensibilities or lack thereof.” (could be a joke). You don’t have to respond to the question—you could just give your interpretation of an image, discuss what associations or memories come to mind or critique the technical aspects etc.

What happens if I don’t want it?

Just send it back and since I now have your address look for Tony Soprano to pay a house call. (not a joke)

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