Ames, NY (Passing through)

While I was visiting my wife’s family in Upstate New York a few weeks ago my brother-in law–who has lived in Upstate New York his entire life (he’s in his late 50s)–suggested I go to a small town in the boondocks called Sharon Springs for some good shooting material.

And there were some great things to photograph there–I’ve posted a few Sharon Springs images and more will be forth-coming.

Anyway–after I left the New York State Thru-Way, had a terrible lunch in Canajoharie, NY and began climbing into the foothills of the Adirondacks– I passed through the small town of Ames, NY.

I spotted this scene as I drove through–the main thing that caught my eye was the phone booth. In this country you rarely see them anymore–cell phones have pretty much relegated them to technology history I guess.

But here was one that seemed to be in use. Possibly there were enough people in Ames who didn’t have cells or house phones to make it profitable for the phone company to maintain the booth in this central location–the building behind is the Ames, Post Office.

Or maybe there’s a state law a phone booth has to be available ¬†for the very few folks who don’t have any other means of long-distance communication whether it’s profitable or not.

In any event with flurries blowing around my ears I stopped and made three or four exposures and rolled on to Sharon Springs.

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