Alyssa and Her Mom

Earlier this afternoon I spent a delightful hour and a half at the home of Lynn Divers photographing her daughter Alyssa, Alyssa’s younger sister Alexa and Lynn.  Some of you may remember Lynn from the post “Even Unto The End of Time” which was about Lynn’s efforts to save the life of death row inmate Teresa lewis. That effort I am sorry to report was ultimately unsuccessful.

Recently 8 year old Alyssa was diagnosed with cancer and a web site was set up to disseminate information on her condition and encourage  “good wishes and prayers.”

Here’s the link to Alyssa’s site:

Lynn recently sent out the following message:

Hello dear ones,This email is to announce the website which we’ll use to disseminate information about Alyssa’s cancer. She is my 8 year old daughter. If I have emailed you, it is because either personally or professionally, I believe you may have interest in my family and our struggle. Just last week, she had an MRI that revealed a tumor in her femur. Since then it was confirmed through bone biopsy to be osteosarcoma. Her 9th birthday is the 25th.We find out Monday if it has spread.She will face significant, intense treatment including a year of chemo and partial removal her leg – the affected bones. If it has not spread and if she responds to chemo, she has a chance to beat this thing.Please join your prayers to mine. I welcome you spreading the news for the purpose of good wishes and prayers.

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