A Walk on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Joanie and I are a couple of lucky ducks—we live about 40 minutes from one of the most beautiful areas on the east coast—The Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive which runs the length of Shenandoah National Park.

About 9 A.M. this morning I suggested we take advantage of this beautiful fall day and go for a drive/walk on the Parkway. By 10 A.M.—with a thermos of iced tea and a few cheese sandwiches in a cooler—we were headed west on I-64.

In the past we have always motored north on the Skyline Drive and made short hikes from that roadway but today decided to take a left instead of a right at Rockfish Gap and spend a few hours on the Parkway.

About 20 minutes along the Parkway we encountered an Appalachian Farm museum/exhibit and visitor center—the William Carter farm—which was originally built in the 1790s. The original buildings are long gone but authentic structures were moved in from other areas and the result is a wonderfully authentic (if a bit too tidy to be a real) 1700s Appalachian farm with a pleasant path down through the middle so you can stroll along, stop at your leisure, explore all of the structures and read the interpretive signs.

As you can see—I’ve posted a little slide show on the farm museum. After leaving the museum we drove further south and stopped at Greenrock Overlook. We ate our sandwiches and talked with a gentleman who had with him his standard Dachshund named “Jack.” We learned Jack is a pretty laid-back animal but his brother is a bit of a terror—relieving himself in the house, tearing up the upholstered furniture—not a nice dachshund at all.

After finishing our sandwiches we took a 20 min. walk on the nearby Greenrock Nature Trail—there are a few shots from that walk. Upon returning to the overlook I noticed a beautiful young family enjoying the glorious setting—the father & son climbing on some magnificent rocks in the parking area. I shot the two images you see here—handed the dad a business card and told him to check out the site this evening. Hope you like the images dad.

Here are yesterday’s comments on the last image, ” Shadow Basket.”

Tiia Vissak

cool tones, shapes & shadows!+

Louise Kumpf

For me these shadows are too light and airy to be frightening, they make a beautiful pattern. Excellent work, Orion!

Orion T. Holen-Reply

Hi Louise–thank you for a very insightful comment and sharing of your personal reaction–that’s a wonderful compliment. I agree–the image isn’t spooky at all–a bit mysterious but one of the things that happens when you get older is you look back at the fears of the past and try to impose some sort of controlling, organizing perspective. That’s the point of the image for me–a basket (an organizing, controlling container) for the shadows of the past :)

Louise Kumpf

Ah, I understand, Orion. I have a habit of sharing my own personal reaction to an image, which is usually an immediate, though lasting one. Sometimes, I suppose, it may surprise, but I hope never offend. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

Grazia Pezzini

“Shadow Basket” is good! I like image and title!

bruno lombard

Pure poetry… I like it all !!

Gustavo Garza

Well, shadows somehow tend to be spooky… so no wonder why the name came out… just a kindly reminder of Your infant life… in this case, You transformed it into pure art… transcending the scary into beauty…. saludos my dear friend…

Orion T. Holen-Reply

Gus–my friend–I think your comments are almost as artful as your images. I always look forward to reading your remarks. Thank you so much for taking the time to really look at and think about these images and stories I post.

lucian olteanu


Ausadavut Sarum

Good image with story!

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