A Central Virginia Snowfall

Sites like this are international—one of many things I enjoy about it. So if you’re in another country, you might not know that we here in central Virginia got record snowfalls this last winter. Its spring now—the daffodils are beautiful—all that snow is just a fading memory.

Many of these pictures were taken about 6 weeks ago as part of a winter photo-essay for the paper that I shoot for—The Fluvanna Review—some of them I took for myself.

On two occasions, with the roads impassable for all but four-wheel drive vehicles and the power out (no heat), my wife and I hiked around our community in the snow getting snow shots for the paper. On a few occasions once the roads were clear I went out on my own, shooting just for myself.  In my capacity as a photo-journalist I was obliged to get the usual subject matter—people digging out their driveways, kids sledding on the hills, the “Winter-Wonderland” stuff etc.

In the course of all this shooting I found a number of curious little images you wouldn’t find under other circumstances—like the bike & bird. That particular image was shot in a neighbor’s yard—just a block from my house. Whimsical and amusing, it reminded me of how important it is to keep a sense of humor—especially when things aren’t going the way we might like.

With several serious snowfalls—one after another this last winter—and power outages—we here in central Virginia had a lot of opportunities to work on our senses of humor.

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